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Protecting your home, family and pets from bushfire requires a multi-faceted approach. This is the reason why we offer different packages and solutions to allow our customers to choose solutions that suit their home AND their budget.


New Homes

If you have a new home being built in the Adelaide Hills, chances are you will need sprinklers, fire tanks, hose reels and a suitable pump. For many customers this can be a real headache, but rest assured we are here to help. Through smart solutions we can get your home council approved with our unique approach to new home sprinkler protection. We have helped MANY customers not only install a more discreet sprinkelr solution, but a much cheaper one as well! So get in touch with us using the Contact Us button in the top menu, and we can organise a free quote on your new home right away.


Roof Based Systems

Roof based sprinklers could be looked at as your bread and butter protection. Using copper pipe and secure bracketing, sprinklers are positioned usually along ridge lines to get maximum value from each sprinkler. This keeps the gutters, roof and surrounding vegetation wet and operates even in high wind and heat conditions due to the large droplet size and sprinkler trajectory. We normally use bushfire specific low angle impact sprinklers, however depending on individual job requirements, specialised drenching sprayers can also be used.


Gutter , Fascia and Eaves Based Systems

These systems are designed to protect some of the most vulnerable parts of the home, including windows, decking and walls. By using specialised spray heads, we are able to deliver maximum protection to these areas without the use of misting heads which are heavily effected by heat and wind.


Ground Based Systems

Ground based systems are an excellent protection option as they are very discreet and also double as a garden watering system. These work by wetting down surrounding vegetation which slows the approach of a fire.


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