Other Protection Solutions



As we rely on fuel driven pumps for 90% of our sprinkler solutions, we can deliver fantastic deals on both petrol and diesel firefighting pumps of varying sizes. Our teams have vast experience with pumps ranging from 5.5hp petrol pumps to custom built diesel pumps with up to 9 hours of run time. We can also install custom manifolds to suit your system and home according to your individual water use requirements.


Hose Reels

Hose reels are an integral part of any bushfire system. We have the expertise to install hose reels on or around your home to ensure you can control spot fires as they occur due to ember attack.


Water Tanks

Part of any fire protection system is water, or more accurately, a static water supply. We can supply and install any size rainwater tank, including performing any excavation work that may be required. Due to our plumbing staff, we can also arrange solutions for your stormwater and household water supplies as well.


Gutter Guard

As most people know, a huge majority of homes lost in bushfires occur due to fires starting in the gutters and then spreading to the roofspace. Once a fire is in the roofspace, it is almost impossible to stop. Gutter guard prevents this. We supply and install gutter guard of only the highest bushfire rating and our prices are usually much more comeptitive than our comeptitors! Having bushfire rated gutterguard also means you can stop cleaning your gutters!


Roller Shutters

As part of the ultimate protection solution, we can also supply and install roller shutters that are fire rated for bushfire conditions. These can be installed on all windows and openings, or simply those on the windward or firefront sides of the home. Obviously, they also double as regular roller shutters to keep your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter and more secure all year round.


Maintenance & Renovations for existing systems

We are always happy to come out and have a look at your existing fire protection system and see which cost effective ways we can help you out. From replacing sprinklers to upgrading pumps and pipework, no job is too small or large.


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