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So How Much Will It Cost To Protect Your Home & Family?


While all homes are different, the pricing guidelines below will give you no-nonsense cost estimates for different types of systems. We have installed many such systems and the prices below reflect approximate averages our customers have invested. Therefore, the prices you see below are not "low" prices to suck customers in, rather, they are realistic estimates to help in your decision making.


  1. Ridge Mounted Impact Systems are usually installed from $2,500 for an externally mounted copper system with 3-4 sprinklers. An average impact system job in SA usually amounts to slightly under $4,000 which is a DRASTICALLY better value solution than what has traditionally been offered by other companies.                      
  2. Eaves Based Sprinklers usually amount to approximately $4,000 but can vary vastly (in both directions) if customers want more or less protection. As a rule of thumb, the above figure represents a typical protection solution covering North facing aspects.
  3. Ground Based Systems typically cost approximately $5,000 due to the length of a typical 360 degree ring main and the associated excavation and pipe sizing requirements.
  4. Fire Pump and Hose Reel Solutions are usually installed for around $1,500.
  5. Our typical South Australian install amounts to approximately $5,000 and provides a great balance between effectiveness and value. Simply follow the steps below to find out more today.


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The easiest way to begin exploring your protection options is to get in contact with us to organise a brief design consultation & quote.


This appointment only takes about 20 minutes and is completely free of charge!


Please use the form at the top of this page to contact us or otherwise please give us a call and we will get back to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Unlike a lot of companies, WE WILL return your phone call ASAP if we are not in the office and WE WILL respond ASAP when you send the email form enquiry you see to the right hand side of this text.


We are located at: 

Unit 11, Lot 27 Shearer Drive

Seaford, SA, 5169



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July 2012 Testimonial


To Firecat Sprinkler Systems and Tom Davey 


Many thanks for your timely and efficient completion of our system Mount Osmond, SA. 5064.


Firecat staff completed our partially installed system in a timely and efficient manner , this work was also completed to the quoted price which was significantly lower than our previous contractor.


This work included the commissioning of a diesel pump connecting to our swimming pool and rainwater tanks.


The pre and post service was excellent and I would recommend Tom Davey and the Firecat people to anyone considering a home sprinkler system.I would be happy to discuss the service I received with any potential customers if asked.


Best Regards,Tim