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Q: How will sprinklers look on my home?

A: This is a very common question. Fortunately, our sprinkler solutions are tailored to your individual home which means we can deliver the most discreet system possible. Customers are always welcome to request a visit to one of our display homes to see this for themselves!


Q: How much do systems cost?

A: While there is no standard pricing structure, we can tell you that they are LESS THAN YOU THINK! Traditionally, fire sprinkler systems have been a costly exercise plagued by low install quality and non-existant cutsomer service. Every week we install systems at around the $2,900 mark for a multi sprinkler ridge based system! Our value in this industry is unmatched anywhere in Australia and rest assured that we have a protection solution for EVERY budget! 


Q: Do you offer guarentees?

A: Absolutely! We offer a 10 year guarentee on materials and workmanship. What we cannot guarentee however, is just what will happen during a bushfire. As bushfires are in essence natural disasters, there is always unpredictability present. However, by only using tried and tested designs, we can assure you that our systems will give you and your family a chance of surviving a bushfire.


General Information


Fire protection of a property cannot just rely on one factor; there will always be a number

of critical measures which, when combined, will provide the best fire protection. When

homes are located in areas of high and extreme bushfire danger, an external sprinkler

system should be considered as an important part of your total bushfire protection plan.

In considering the best system available for your home/property we must consider these



1. Do you have sufficient water to enable your sprinkler system to operate for at least 100

minutes? For most homes, It is extremely advisable to have at least 20,000 L of

independent water such as a steel tank.


2. Do you adequate means of providing water pressure to operate the system? Not

relying on mains power, your system will run by a small petrol or diesel fire fighting



3. Have you considered the significance of automation, whereby your sprinkler system will

activate on detection of and heat and smoke AND text sent via a mobile phone.


How your Home will burn

During a bushfire homes are subjected to radiant heat, direct flame contact and ember

attack. Radiant heat and direct flame contact occur as the fire front passes your home

(maybe only lasting 10 minutes). Ember attack, however, can last for hours before

the fire front arrives and much more time after it has passed. Research shows that the

ember attack is THE major cause of houses burning during bush fires.


The purpose of the Bushfire MAX Sprinkler System  

Based on the above understanding, our systems are designed for three purposes:


1. To reduce the impact of radiant heat, direct flame contact and ember attack on the

home by deluging the roof and gutters (walls where deemed needed).


2. To reduce fire intensity by wetting down vegetation surrounding the home.


3. To reduce fire intensity by increasing the humidity in the immediate environment .


Roof Mounted Sprinkler Systems and Ground Based Sprinkler Systems are designed

to reduce the impact from radiant heat, direct flame contact and ember attack. There are

best designed on the ridges of the home or on the lower part of the roof above the gutters

to provide massive amount of water directly onto the roof and gutters and to wet the

vegetation surrounding the home. From the eaves and fascia, we can wet the external

walls an windows of your home where deemed appropriate to do so. On the ground,

sprinklers are designed to circle your home and wet all vegetation within 20 meters of your



We use a combination of fire approved sprinklers in our systems. They are made of solid

brass and each sprinkler is selected for it's effectiveness and reliability to deluge any given

area under the extreme duress of bushfire conditions (heat and wind). The water droplets

are large and our sprinklers require high pressure to operate, meaning the water is

traveling faster and less likely to be moved by the winds.


Technical information on our sprinkler types

Brass Impact Sprinkler - low angle throw - 26 L per minute @ 200 kpa (radius 10m)

Brass 180 Degree Fire Sprinkler - 5.5 L per minute @ 200 kpa (radius 3.5m)

Brass 360 Degree Fire Sprinkler - 11 L per minute @ 200 kpa (radius 3.5m)

Brass Butterfly Sprinkler (Spinner) - 12 L per minute @ 200 kpa (radius 4m)


All of our underground pipework is polyethylene pipe which is buried deep, which prevents

it from melting in extreme heat or during direct flame contact. Above ground, all our

pipework is copper, and we adopt the method of crimping the copper with special

connections and fittings. We appropriately size all of your pipework to optimise the system

hydraulics by being mindful of water velocity.


Ideally you want a system which is both extremely reliable

and most effective. BushfireMAX is our answer to this.


Our sprinkler systems come with a 10 year warranty on our quality and workmanship.

All design protocol exceeds the guidelines giving by the CFS, CFA, NSWRFS and reputable fire engineers.










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"It is great to have the BushfireMax system in place as extra protection before the next bushfire season. Hopefully we will never need to use it, but there is peace of mind just knowing that this first class system is installed, and ready to use, at any time."

  -Brian and Julie, Coromandel East