What level of Bushfire Sprinkler Protection is Right?

December 5th, 2011
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Naturally, we all want to be safe from bushfire threat and often this results in elaborate sprinkler systems that are both effective (good thing) and expensive (not so good!). I like to always urge customers not to feel pressured to install the rolls-royce system unless they have the budget to do so. The simple fact is, any water on or around your home is a good thing. So instead of waiting years to save up for a $15,000 system that some people in the industry push, perhaps install a pump and hose reel this year, then next year look at a roof based sprinkler system and finally look at eaves protection or ground based components. As an industry professional, I obviously want the highest level fo safety for my clients, however, one must consider that more people can be protected if systems are affordable. While we always strive to be the most affordable option in the home fire sprinkler market, part of the ‘affordability solution’ comes down to staging jobs.

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A Homeowner’s Guide To Bushfire Sprinklers

November 24th, 2011
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A Homeowner’s Guide To Bushfire Sprinklers

Written by Tom Davey BMgmt


It is ironic that what makes the Adelaide Hills region so beautiful is also what makes it so dangerous. The abundance of native vegetation is the very reason why so many people are drawn to the hills yet so many people make the move without realising the danger inherent in the area.


A drive through many areas of the Adelaide Hills leaves you wondering where you would go in a bushfire. The result is that in a bushfire situation, many homeowners only have one option which is to ‘stay’. We have already seen the horrific result of people leaving late from their properties in Victoria. Bushfire sprinkler pose a viable solution to the Adelaide Hills fire problem and with the right information, homeowners can protect their homes and families without sacrificing their homes appearance or their bank account!


Due to limited regulation, the bushfire sprinkler industry can be a relative minefield for homeowners to navigate through. This guide should give you the tools and tactics to explore your bushfire protection options so that your home and family can be protected from the tragedies of fire.



There a 2 types of bushfire sprinkler systems. The first is a roof based system where water is directed over the roof and/or eaves. This protects the house itself and is the most common type of system. The second type of system is a ground based system where water is directed over the surrounding vegetation of a property. This provides easier ongoing maintenance however may require gardens to be dug up.



Quotes can vary from $2,000 right up to $42,000 so do your homework and get multiple quotes. This industry is one where sometimes you DON’T get what you pay for!



Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a Rolls Royce sprinkler system to protect yourself. Ask for Fire Protection Association of Australia accreditation. Be wary of individuals or companies who rely on volunteer CFS experience and may not have fire engineering backed research and designs.




If a company prides itself on it’s customers, then they will have no problem providing you with customer lists. Ask their customers if they would recommend them or not.



At the end of the day, you still want your property to look beautiful, so don’t turn it into something ugly just to protect it. The fact is that with modern designs and material, systems can be effective AND discreet. DEMAND both discretion and effectiveness to ensure that your home is safe AND still beautiful.


Well there you have it. The above five tips should put any homeowner in good stead when looking into bushfire sprinklers for this fire season. Good luck.

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Tom Davey (BMgmt) is the design manager for the South Australian branch of Firecat Home Fire Sprinklers and BushfireMax. For more information on home fire sprinklers or a free quote, call (08) 8327 0300.


Click on the link below to access my website with great bushfire information and access to free online quotes!

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Welcome to this new blog!

November 22nd, 2011
by admin

Welcome to this new blog. It’s one goal is to help educate the Australian market about home fire safety and bushfire sprinkler solutions. Our main website can be found at www.bushfiremax.com.au

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